Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey Guys!

After a very busy weekend, we come to Monday.  Why does Monday always have to come after the weekend. It seems I am just getting settled, maybe getting a little rest, and then all of a sudden.....BOOM!!! back at it again.

At least this week there is no swim! swim!!!!!  For the next few weeks we will not be swimming, no practice, no meets, no meetings.  ahhhhhh.  I can almost feel the relaxation coming.  And I say almost because, well, even tho swim season is over we still have ballet summer intensive through the end of the week.  And it is parent observation!  So this is my rare opportunity to watch Mackenzie in action.  Oh well, soon enough we will all be able to sleep in.  And speaking of sleeping in....

Brighton.  He slept till 10:30 today.  So unusual for him.  Do you think he might be growing? again?  That boy is becoming a giant!  He had a great meet over the weekend.  Maybe he is just tired?  He managed a few new A times and even swam the A relay.  So proud!!!

Ainsley wasn't quite as successful with her meet.  She just aged up and is now swimming 50s instead of 25s.  But I am sure she will be getting those times back up soon.

This was our last meet swimming for Splash.  The children are sad to be leaving their friends, but excited to be moving to the new team and making new friends.  Phil is already getting told he will be needing a promotion soon.  hee hee  He can't stay a stroke & turn judge forever I guess.  

Well, all of this swimming and housework didn't leave much time for scrapping, but I did find time to make these....

for our swim team coaches.  I stuffed a chocolate bar, a gift card and a little note inside.  Totally lifted these off my co-Sassy, Cheryl.    She made the cutest candy bar holders using her Gypsy and Design Studio.  Well, I don't have a Gypsy, or a Design Studio, so I had to improvise.  My good friend Heather made the folder file for me in Inkscape.  I found the lemon here.  

I have only managed one layout tho....

from the Sassy Lil Sketches July 21st reveal. to Ainsley's sleepover birthday.  Be back soon.


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