Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Back (caution...photo heavy)

But only for a quick minute.

Life is crazy, crazy busy.  Swim season is kicking my bootie right now.  With "fun" activities for the swimmers, meetings, meets, and general administrative duties; this time of the season is just no fun.  Add to that ballet summer intensive and my life just seems to be spinning out of control.

Funny really.  I have spoken with a number of friends in the last few days and we all agree that this summer has been no fun.  sigh  What every happened to long lazy summers?

Going Backwards to July 4th weekend....

Two swim meets which I didn't get photos of....but, I promise...they happened.

Our Age outs.

Our Swim Team 15-18 Beach Barbque and Bonfire
Yep, Ainsley and Mackenzie get to go cause...well, can't leave them home alone.  hee hee
We had about 20 kids (plus mine).  Fun, fun, fun.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band Tourny at my house for the 12-14 age group. Again 20 or so kids.

Great America with the Fam.  Only the 5 of us for this one!  lol

Another beach day, this time the family.  Why won't Brighton let me take his photo?

Fireworks in the Parking Lot next to the hotel on the raft trip.
(yes, we swept the entire lot after we finished, had buckets of water handy just in case, and plenty of adult supervision)

And our annual swim team raft trip.

And I wonder why I am always so tired.  

Well, speaking of busy...time to run to my league board meeting.  Tonight is champs walk thru and exceptions.  



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