Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Day After Mother's Day

This last weekend was very busy.  I attempted to get all my chores and errands run on Saturday so as to have Sunday available for rest and relaxation.  And it worked...mostly!  I did get up early to head to the market.  And I did get the chance to play with paper and organize my scrappy trims.  But mostly, I got some time to hang out with the children and enjoy the day.

Ainsley was so sweet, she made me some cinnamon bread toast when I got home from shopping.  And Brighton made lunch.  Phil of course handled dinner.  Steamed clams, lobster, and creme brulee for dessert.  yum!  And the children convinced him I needed an iPad!  I think he wanted it Mother's Day was just an excuse to get it in the house.  Yeah, I am onto you honey! (he is reading this over my shoulder and is laughing...cause he knows it is true) is one of the things I made this weekend.  A layout for The Color Room palette 5.  If you haven't checked out the challenge site yet, you really should.  Some crazy talent, great sketches, and beautiful colors to be found.

That's Amanda and me at CHA with some of the scrap celebrities.  Super fun but exhausting week.


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