Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pinecone Owls- Kids Craft

Hey everyone!  Hope you are having a great day.  Recently I had my niece over for a few days while my sister was out of town...well, you know what that means; kid crafts!  lol   Every day I walk the dog and every day I see gobs of pinecones lying on the ground along the paseo (public walking area in my neighborhood).  Anyway, we grabbed a few and decided to make these with the help of my Sizzix Machine.

Now, before you start, if you are using pinecones you have found, you may want to clean and de-sap them.  No one wants creepy crawlies coming out of their owls.  hee hee  To do so, fill a bucket with warm water and 1/2 cup vinegar and let set for 30 minutes and then place on newspaper to dry overnight.  The cones will be fully open when dry.
Lili loves using the Sizzix Big Shot, and it cuts so many different materials.  We cut pieces of cardstock, glitter cardstock, fun foam and felt to create our owls using the Primative Hearts #3.
These are a few of the Core'dinations papers we cut.  Sticking with one shape made mixing and matching the pieces of our owls quite easy.
If you want your owl to have a fat top, find the balance point of the pinecone tip.  Or, simply have a skinny owl by using the base for the feet.
We cut hearts in half to create additional shapes for the owls, The top part of the heart is perfect for the face, bottom part of the owl the beak.  Cut the beak in half and you have ears.  How easy is that?  Whole hearts make cute wings that you can use one at a time, or layer for a fun look.  You can also use the full hearts for feet.
Simply use craft glue, or to ensure a firm, quick dry (and a bit safer for little hands) or hot glue to place the pieces on your pinecone.
Mix and match your colors and patterns for even more fun.
Finally, a few google eyes to make the owl adorable.  How easy was that?

So grab a few scraps of paper and fabric and your Sizzix machine and start cutting pieces for owls.  This would be a fun craft to do on Thanksgiving with the whole family.


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