Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Friday - Dresser Update

Hey everyone!  Happy Friday.  Yes, I am a bit late today.  It has been a busy week and although I had planned on blogging, with Mackenzie's birthday and a secret, special, last minute laid plans.  lol  And even later today because, believe it or no...forgot to add the coffee to my coffee.  sigh.  How did I make a latte without any espresso?  sigh

OK, I want to share with you a fun and simple prjoect I created with Ainsley for her room.  Hazel & Ruby has these fabulous new Decor Tapes that I was able to snag at a great price for Ainsley to update her dresser.  This project was so quick and easy, and really...she could do it herself. Even with her teenager impatience.  These tapes are just that easy to use.

We started out with her plain, white, dresser which she has had since she was a baby.  Not the best paint job....we had a new baby and two little ones at the time.  lol  Blame the paint on Phil, btw.

Lessons to be learned.  Not all credit cards are created equal when it comes to burnishing the washi. Make sure and use a thick card.  They work so much better with less give.  

Other lessons, your teen will be much happier if you don't make them empty all the drawers before you update.  I think Ainsley may have tried to murder me in my sleep if I had m ade her actually clean and empty her dresser before doing this project.  The great thing about using the tape?  She didn't have to.  

Seriously tho, this whole project took us maybe 30 minutes to complete, and that included taking the old knobs, that Phil had painted onto the drawers, off and deciding which order to tape.

Ainsley is much happier with her dresser now and it suits her personality so much better.

Have a great weekend.

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