Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pinterest Plan - Snowman Lantern

Hey everyone, Happy New Year!!!!!!  Goodness...can you believe the new year is upon us?  New year, new plans...and this year I have a Pinterest Plan.  I am forever pinning crafts, recipes, home decor items...but I never really seem to find the time to get anything done.  So, this year, I have a plan to do one project, recipe, something each week from my pinterest board (you can find me here) and tell you about it.  It may be a recipe, or just some new housekeeping idea...but I promise to try and then share.

Well, to start, this beautiful lantern from Linda Albrecht for Maya Road has been on my boards
forever.  And it is really quite popular.  Probably one of the most pinned things from my boards.

Well, I needed a table centerpiece, so I decided to see if I could whip one up.  I didn't have many of the "right" supplies, but in no time with just a few things I had lying around the house I was able to whip this up.  No where near as fabulous, but I really didn't have much time to devote to it.
It still needs more work, but was lovely that evening...and overall it didn't take too much time.  So, I am going with this project was a win.

Be sure and follow me on Pinterest to see what other projects I make.

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