Friday, September 19, 2014

Pinwheel Party with Embellish by Dena - Darice

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a project I did for Darice using more of the gorgoues Little Azalea patterned papers from Embellish by Dena. These papers are so bright and cheerful, I couldn't resist making a few pinwheels for my friend's daughters to play with.

paper-pinwheel-daricePAPER PINWHEEL SUPPLIES:

Step 1. Begin by selecting coordinating patterns from the Embellish by Dena Little Azalea paper pad.  I chose to mix and match a bold pattern with a subtle one and I loved how this turned out. If you are using the 12×12 pad, cut each sheet into 6×6 pieces and glue the back sides together. You want the pattern to be visible on both sides of your pinwheel. pinwheel_darice_dena designs_nancy keslin_papersStep 2. Using a ruler, draw lines on the diagonals and cut to within a half inch of the center. pinwheel_darice_dena designs_nancy keslin_linesStep 3. Place hot glue into the center of the papers and gently bring corners together into the center, working in a circular fashion. This will create the pinwheel.  The side you apply the glue to will be the inside of the pinwheel. pinwheel_darice_dena designs_nancykeslin_glueStep 4. Place the brad through the center of the pinwheel, pushing through the glue. pinwheel_darice_dena designs_nancy keslin_bradStep 5. Poke a small hole into the paper straw and insert brad from pinwheel. pinwheel_darice_dena designs_nancy keslin_strawNote* These pinwheels can be made bigger or smaller based on the size of the paper and the length of the straw.  For a giant pinwheel, try a full 12×12 sheet of paper, a dowel and a push pin.  For a straw you can drink from, try hot gluing the pinwheel to the straw. You’re Finished! Now you can make as many pinwheels as your heart desires and watch them spin! paper-pinwheel-darice
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