Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Adventure

Hi everyone!  Today I am a bit crazy...as you may or may not know, we were actually in Europe for a couple of weeks, couple that with a master bath remodel, and starting this years school....I guess you can understand why i am a bit late today.

Phil and I at Versailles.....Gorgeous.  Did a behind the scenes, a private rooms tour.  It was fabulous.  Very informative and gave us an opportunity to skip the lines and crowds.  love
Love touring up and down rivers, you know we love to cruise.  lol  This time on the river Siene.
Westminster Bridge looking back at Parliament.  Trying to be in more photos.  
La Tour Eiffel.
Hampton Court with my man.  Sorry that he is in the shadows.  sigh Turning the camera over to others means some funky composition and lighting.  
Hanging at the Tower of London with the BeefEaters.  Such a fun day and so educational...yes, we are counting our vacation as a field trip.  lol

Just a few photos from our adventures!  Needless to say, we had a great, one we won't soon forget.  And one I know you will see many more photos of as I begin to create scrapbooks.

In other news, I just made a Facebook Page...so, if you like you can follow me over there.  Thinking I need to work on building my business.  https://www.facebook.com/homesclscrapper



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