Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ruby Wednesday

Hi everyone...sorry I am a little late with today's post, but my models were being uncooperative. (This project needed to dry overnight).

I don't know about you, but as the mom to two daughters I have hosted my fair share of sleepovers and birthday parties, so I am always looking for fun things for the girls to do as well as party favors.  Let me just say that as the children have gotten older the idea of dollar store toys has become less and less popular.  So, we have often turned to a fun craft project, something the girls could make and take home, as a double duty purchase.

After making my own Ruby Violet jewelry, from the Your Memories Here store, I thought that the necklace kits might just be the ticket for these teens and tweens.  The price is just about perfect and they were super easy to make....

So, I tried it out.
I gave each of the girls a kit and let them go for it.  Having suggested designs (2 designs per kit) made it easy for the girls to put together.  All they needed was a bit of glue (once again we used my trusty scrapdots) and the included brads.
The girls were able to put them together easily with little assistance from me.  I did have to help feed the ribbon through the holes for the final assembly, but other than that and firmly squishing the brads.....
The Your Memories Here store has 6 different necklace kits available, and right now shipping on $45 or more is free!  With Mackenzie's birthday coming up in a few months, now will be the perfect time to stock up.

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