Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Water Stamping and Finally, My Kitchen

Hi everyone.  I know, I have been bad.  Not coming around much and all...but I am busy...what can I say?  The kitchen tho is finally done!  woo hoo!!!! 

And I am here and today with a simple technique, water stamping. You will need your distress inks, a blending tool, your stamp, embossing ink, and your project, here I chose to use a tag.
Ink the tag with your ink blending tool.  Remember, add more ink to get bolder, deeper colors.
Apply embossing ink to your stamp.  This will help the water stick to the image.  Mist your stamp with water and press firmly onto the inked background.
As the image dries, you will see it start to fade.

I am using this tag for a birthday present.  I added some gorgeous Marion Smith Vintage Trinkets, a simple Prima flower, and a bit of a Prima flourish as well as a few scraps of paper to my inked and stamped tag.

So, are you ready to see the kitchen?
I so need to clean my windows.  hee hee
my cooking space.  loving having all those burners. 

Wonder if I can get fresh flowers ever week?  hmmmmmm
My coffee bar, you know I love coffee, right?
There are still a few little things.  I am going to add another shelve over the coffee station, at the top.  Don't know what I will put there...maybe more coffee stuff.  Just seems to need to be more filled.  And the hood...well, if you look closely, you can see it is not square.  So it had to go back and we are getting a new one. But soon, I hope.  Anywho.....

Thanks for stopping by.


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