Friday, July 15, 2011


I know, I say that all the time, but really!  I am.  Life has just been crazy busy with the kitchen remodel and the last weeks of swim season.  I have had meetings just about every night and of course there are always a few extra glitches in the schedule.  Just to keep things interesting.

So, before I bore you with all my about if I share a few of the projects I have eeked out some time for.

First up, using a super cute sketch from my friend Heather...Ainsley!  She loves posing for the camera.  We shot these on the Fourth of July, right before we left to go watch fireworks!  She is growing up too fast.  She loves fashion!
Pink Paislee Starlight, Basic Grey chipboard alphas, Michael's Jewels.
 And here is Mackenzie at the overnighter.  I used some GCD papers that Heather sent me a while back.  They have just been sitting in my stash.  I really need to declutter.  If anyone is interested in coming and doing it for me???  hee hee  I probably wouldn't even know if half of my stuff went missing.  KWIM?  It is a disease!
GCD papers, Maya Road journaling tag, Prima Butterfly, American Crafts title
And finally, Brighton.  Another one of Heather's great sketches.  Brighton loves (or I should say loved, they broke last week at summer camp) those sunglasses.
Fancy Pants It's the Little Things
OK, so there is the scrappy stuff.

Did I mention we are in the home stretches of the kitchen remodel?  Here are a few photos.

The cabinets and granite/marble (the island is marble) are in for these photos.  Kevin even managed to get a bit of the tile in so we could begin to see how it would look. I even managed to fill them up.  Goodness it feels good to be out of boxes.

Of course, I say I am out of boxes...but there are still bunches of them in the garage.  sigh.  Some of for a shelving unit we will need to put back up after paint.  And others are boxes we need to go through and get rid of things.
This is really cool too.  My microwave is in a drawer. is a drawer.  We didn't really  have any upper space to put it, so it is in the lower cabinet.  Very convenient.
I love my new faucet!  So I had to share.

I really should go run and grab some more photos.  The tile, including the mural is in.  The hood is in, although it needs to be replaced as there was a manufacturing error...sigh.  I guess one glitch isn't too bad.

But first....I have got to get back to pushing paper for the swim team.


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