Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I know, bad blogger.  But, as promised I am back today with lots to share.

Life has been getting pretty crazy around here.  State mandated standardized testing is rapidly approaching, and with us now enrolled in a charter school we must participate.  And of course, the charter school is making us do test prep.  ugggggh.  This was one of the reasons I didn't put the children in school in the first place.  Dang those silly colleges for being so competitive.  I swear, some days I think I will just graduate the children and let them do a few years at JC.

Cabana Swim season is rapidly approaching and with it, all the loveliness that goes with being the president of the team.  Walk in Registration, Swim Suits, and the every popular.....Mama Drama!  lol  So far so good, but it is keeping me busy.

We have been having lots of fun stuff keeping us busy as well.  On Sunday we went up to San Francisco to my niece's first birthday party.  She is such a cutie.....

And of course there have been scrappy projects.....

  you can see more of the mini at Flamingoscraps.blogspot.com

 And hanging with friends......

 Like I said, crazy busy....but good!


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