Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Love Flowers

Yep, I love flowers.  I love flowers in my house, I love flowers in my garden, and I love flowers on my paper crafting projects.  I have been using and collecting flowers since those first bottles of Prima's Got Flowers hit the shelves at my local scrapbook store.

The flowers have changed a lot since those first bottles of flat flowers came out.  But they still make them.  And you can find them in the store as e-line flowers.  These are great fun, and can be used in so many different ways.

For this project, I decided I needed a small, more dimensional flower.  I had some flowers that were about the right size, but didn't really have the depth I was looking for.  So, I thought of some tutorials I have seen lately.  Lots of people making roses from 5 petal flowers.  Well, I have tons of 5 petal flowers all lined up on my shelf.

Here are the things I used; pink got flowers, glue, scissors and some yellow stickles (also in the store).

It only took 2 flowers to create this new flower.  All I did was cut one of the petals off one of the flowers.

I then glued the open edges back together.  This created more of a bowl shape to my flower.
You can really see the dimension now.

I then took the small petal I had cut earlier and glued its edges together as well.

I glued the three petal flower to the uncut flower.

and then added the single petal. 

 Finally I dropped in some stickles.

After making a handful of these lovely little roses

I made this.....

I loved the extra added dimension these flowers added to my floral spray.  I used a Cerise Fluttervine, some Bittles, and an orange Medici, all from Prima, as well.  I snuck in a bit of the Prima packaging as a photo mat and placed it all on a paper from the Paradise City line.

I hope you have fun playing with your e-line and got flowers.


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