Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Home, New Look

Yep, I stink at blogging. But after some prodding...decided I should suck it up and try again. So here goes.....Thanks, Heather.

What's going on. Got a new camera. Nikon D90. Loving it! Took it to the pumpkin patch yesterday. Made me miss the children being young. They have so many fun things out there for the children now. The train, the cow train, carousel, 2 mazes. They didn't have near that much stuff when my children were young.

On the bright side, we are in and out fairly quickly as the children know where to pose and how to smile. LOL.

Here are a few photos, straight out of the camera.

well, now that that is done, I guess I should work on making the blog pretty?


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