Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Glittered Pumpkins and Bad Hair

Sending away one of our glittered pumpkins today. My friend Sue is heading back down to Lancaster for 12 days to work at the hospital there. So wish she could find a job locally as I miss having her here. I made this pumpkin to try and cheer her up over Halloween weekend. Usually she brings her boys over, we have dinner, trick or treats, and a haunted house.

And the bad hair? Well, I won't show you a photo of that. But Brighton decided he didn't need to study for his computerized history test. He decided to take the test 3 days early...and this is after we talked about studying, note taking, basically working in a class. High School has been an adjustment for him, and not an easy one. No longer are his classes laid out for him, every step being spelled out. He has to take some responsibility. And this has not been easy. Well, after all the yelling, screaming, fussing and fighting (not due to the bad grade, but do to the fact he didn't make the effort) hair looks like heck, it was wet when this all started. Oh well....just driving in circles this afternoon anyway.
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