Thursday, October 29, 2009

Broken Brakes, Fire Alarms, Dilated Eyes,Missing Magnets

What a day it has been. First had to take Phil in to get work done on his car. Why today? Because last night on his way home from picking up Mackenzie at the ballet, he decided the brakes were so bad it sounded like the car was going to explode. So, that is why today, when Brighton was scheduled to tour Stanford, Ainsley had her eye appointment and pumpkins were going to need to be purchased we were at the auto shop at 7 am sharp.

Of course, when we got home, we hear one of the smoke detectors chirping...not going off...just making that irritating beep every minute to let us know that the battery is dieing. Phil grabs a new battery, puts it in, and it still doesn't stop. What? OK, try another battery. Nope, still doesn't work. Sets the alarm off. Ha ha, kids are all awake now...well, not Brighton. Teenagers can obviously sleep through anything! Getting really mad at the stupid alarm, because, well, it won't stop making noise. So, he sets it off again. Yep, Brighton is still asleep. Finally, after pulling the whole thing off the ceiling. Realizes he has been messing with the wrong alarm. LOL

With Phil home for the morning without a car, we rescheduled Brighton tour to the afternoon. Only one car, only one person can go somewhere. So off I went with Ainsley to the ophthalmologist. I don't like doctors. Especially doctors where I will have to hang for 2 hours. Ugggggh. Well, after her initial exam, the doctor needed to dilate Ainsley's eyes. We ran to Starbucks (no use in doing any school work today as she can't focus) to wait for the drops to take their full effect. Forty-five minutes later, back in the office..... Ainsley will need to go back to patching her stronger eye for 2 hours a day and may possibly need glasses (.50 in her left eye). Of course Ainsley wants glasses so...guess I know what I will be doing this weekend! LOL

On the bright side, while I was gone for hours Phil managed to have the other two complete their work. Yeah me! I have some free time today since the school work is done. Sit down to scrap, and wouldn't you know it, my magnets are missing! Little did I know how much I loved and relied on my magnetic mat. I am lost without those little guys. It is really hard to plan things out without them. So, if anyone happens to see a dozen or so quarter inch bar magnets, please let them know I am lost without them and to come back home.

Well, off to purchase pumpkins.

I will leave you with a pic of my littlest princess...sans eyes dilated.

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