Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pin the Tail on the

Wow...I can't believe I made this Pin the Tail on the Bunny game for my niece a year ago.  It was the perfect accent to their home decor for the Easter Holiday, and doubled as a party game for their Easter Egg Hunt.  This game is super simple to make and is an all time classic hit.  Over the years I have created many "pin the" games...from Flames on Charizard to handles on a teapot....this game never dissapoints.
Pin the Tail on the Bunny Supplies:
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_supplies
Step 1: Cut out your bunny shape. I used the rabbit from Cricut's Pet Shop, but there is a similar Rabbit here in the Silhouette Store. To create a large shape simply place two 12x12 sheets right next to one another and cut.  When done, use a piece of scrap paper to adhere the two halves together.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_paper placementStep 2:  Repeat for each of the layers in your image.  My bunny had four layers, but you can use more or less depending on your cut file.  I used a mixture of light brown and black neutrals, but you can use whatever colors you choose.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_layers
Step 3:  Adhere your layers to form the large bunny design.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_layers assembled
Step 4:  Cut bow design from your favorite Glitter Silk color.  I love the Glitter silk, it cuts beautifully, and gives that extra bit of sparkle without leaving glitter everywhere.  Adhere to neck of bunny.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_bow
Step 5:  Cut tails for your bunny from white Glitter Silk papers.  I used a large flower shape, but you could use a circle or scalloped circle, and number each.  You will need one tail for each of your games participants.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_tails
Step 6:  Hang bunny on vertical surface at eye level for your players.
pin the tail_coredinations_nancy keslin_assembled
Step 7:  Give each player one of the tails that has a little adhesive stuck on the back side.  Blind fold the player and have them place the tail where they think it should be.  The player who is the closest wins.
I hope you have fun creating this game for the little ones in your life.

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