Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pretty Paper Succulents

Hey everyone!  Are you looking for a way to bring some of the beauty of the desert into your home this spring?  Succulents are all the rage in home decor.  Why not create these pretty paper succulents from some of your favorite papers?  These pretty paper succulents are perfect for our California drought...and I don't have to worry about killing them.  lol
Paper Succulents Centerpiece Supplies:
succulents_coredinations_nancy keslin_supplies
Step 1:  Cut shapes by hand from template or using electronic cutter from your favorite colors of Tim Holtz Kraft Core papers.  I chose shades of greens and blue.
succulents_coredinations_nancy keslin_cutsStep 2:  Assemble succulents.
succulents_coredinations_nancy keslin_assembled
Step 3:  Create box from cut file from Tim Holtz Kraft Core Shattered collection.   I chose a long rectangular box, but you could choose a different shape, and cut it from a neutral paper.
succulents_coredinations_nancy keslin_box
Step 4:  Cut Styrofoam pieces to fill box and create a substrate to glue the succulents on.
succulents_coredinations_nancy keslin_styrofoam
Step 5:  Hot glue each of the succulents to Styrofoam.
Step 6:  Fill blank spaces between the succulents with Spanish moss.
I hope you create something beautiful for your home this spring!

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