Friday, January 29, 2010

Mists? A comparison

Having just gotten back from CHA, I was a little curious as to how all the mists I was seeing compare.  Of course, at every booth, the designers show the mist to their best advantage, showing their best techniques.

Luckily for me though, I own many of these mists and just happened to have, in the stash, Maya Mist, Glimmer Mist and some Smooch Spritz all in blue.

Let's see how they compare....

In order to get a true test of each mists capability to cover, I pulled three identical pieces of chipboard and the following mist colors;  Glimmer Mist - Frosty Nights, Maya Mist - Blue Mist, and Smooch Spritz - Electric Blue.


I placed a white American Crafts rub on with the initial for each mist on the chipboard.  After a bit of swirling the mists to make sure they were thoroughly mixed I sprayed each piece of chipboard one time.

As you can see from the chips, the Smooch Spritz covered the best and with the least amount of drops on the chipboard.  The Maya Mist covered very evenly with little drops.  The Glimmer Mist had quite a few large droplets.


After blotting the chipboard with a cloth, I compared them again, side by side.  You can see in the photos that the white rub ons were not discolored by the Maya Mist or the Glimmer Mist but were definitely changed by the Smooch.

The shimmer was best in the Smooch.  But since the Maya Mist wasn't a metallic, not sure it is a fair comparison.  The metallic Maya Mists do retail a bit higher though than the regular mists. 

The Smooch Spritz claims to have the best sprayer, one that leaves very few droplets; and the Maya Mists have beads in the bottle that help to mix the pigments (much like spray paint).  I think that both of those claims are true.

Glimmer Mist retails for $6.89 for 2 ounces.  Maya Mist retails for $6.99 for 2 ounces.  Smooch Spritz retails for $4.49 for .37 ounces.  All other things being equal, the Smooch would be the way to go.  But for the price, I think I would have to go with Maya Mist.  Great coverage, not too many drops and the better price.

I have a few paper flowers lying around that I may try and mist next.  Oh, and see if I can get my hands on some blue Shimmerz or the new Creative Imaginations mists to compare them as well.

Be sure to check back for updates.


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