Monday, January 4, 2010

Crazy Holiday!

I can not believe how many times I have sat down in the last two weeks with every intention of blogging, only to become distracted by life and never post an update.  Please, forgive me.

Today tho, life is headed back to it's normal insanity and here I am.  So...over the next few days I will try to catch you up on what has been going on here in my little corner.

First off....cakeballs.  A few people asked me what they ended up looking like and how they were.  Well, they were delicious.  How can red velvet not be?  They weren't hard to make, but they were quite messy. 

We stayed busy all the way through Christmas and beyond with Nutcracker performances.  This year the girls had 7 performances, while Phil had 13.  I went to see it twice.  I only made Brighton go once.  LOL   After the Nutcracker performance we headed over to Christmas in the Park and then out to dinner at Scott's (yum).  My mother came with us and it was such a fun day.

my mom doesn't like being in photos.  lol

Before the holiday, we also found some time to make a few cards and crafts.  I hated just giving gift cards that could be used for whatever.  What fun is that to open.  And how do they know my intent...

A flower garden for my sister

A couple of cards for friends.

Well, duty calls.  I promise to come back with more updates in the coming days.

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