Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stenciled Brag Book

Hello everyone!  I hope your day is off to a great start.  I know mine is. 

A bit back, I made this tutorial for Darice and wanted to share it here as well.   I know many people  have trouble with stenciling so I have included lots of tips to help you with the process.

Stenciled-brag-book-DariceStenciled Rose Covered Brag Book Supplies:

Tip 1.  To begin a project like this, I find it easier if I make a sample of my design on a piece of scrap paper.  This way, if I don't like the design, I don't have to try and get the paint off to start over.  You don't need to be neat, or are just trying to decide on the design.
sample_stencil_brag bookTip 2.  Start with the lightest color in your design and work toward the darker colors.  You can always make a color darker, but you can't make it lighter.  The center of my rose was the cantaloupe, followed by the pink flamingo, and finally the outside in raspberry.  You may find it helpful to wipe your stencil as you move it around the brag book.
light to dark_brag book_darice_nancy keslinTip 3.  When you are stenciling an image that is on the edge of the stencil material, it can be helpful to add a border of tape to prevent any paint over flow.  Both the flower and the leaf I chose were very close to the edge of the stencil.  Adding a bit of tape to the edges helped ensure a clean image with no paint being pounced over the edge.
tape edges_stencil_brag book_nancy keslin_dariceTip 4.  Allow the paint to dry before beginning the next layer.  I waited a good half hour before coming back and laying the leaf stencil over the top of my flowers.
brag book_darice_nancy keslin_leavesStenciling can be a lot of fun, and with just a few helpful tips, can come out lovely every time.
Stenciled-brag-book-Darice-1I hope you give stenciling and this brag book a try!

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