Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pine Cone Turkey - Craft for Kids

Hey everyone!  With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I thought I would share this quick tutorial on making pine cone turkeys.  They are really quite simple, and if you use fabritac or some other strong holding glue,  you don't even have to worry about the little ones burning their hands.  (ie, they can do most of it themselves)
For this project you will need; pinecones, foam balls proportional to your pine cone (these are 2 1/2 inch soft foam, but regular Styrofoam is fine) paint to match the pinecones, google eyes, scraps of paper in fall colors (I used cardstock, but you could use crepe paper or tissue paper), yellow chenille stem and scraps of red felt.

 Begin by painting your foam balls.  While you wait for these to dry....
 Cut your paper into strips approximately 1/2 inch wide.
 Cut the chenille stem into 1 inch pieces and fold in half.

When your foam balls are dry, you can begin the assembly.

Make your turkey face using the gluing the google eyes to the front of the ball, place a small hole in the ball and insert the chenille stem for a beak, and finally glue a small piece of red felt or cardstock next to the beak for the waddle.

Here I added a piece of white cardstock to make a kerchief as well.

Glue the colored paper strips into the large end of the pumpkin trailing toward the back for the tail feathers.
For this turkey hat, I cut a three inch circle, then cut 3/4 of a concentric circle inside.  I folded the inside of my ring up and trimmed it to make a pilgrim hat shape.  A quick square out of yellow cardstock created the buckle.

These are so quick and fun to make with your kids for Thanksgiving.  



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