Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Page Kits

I have been busy with Spring cleaning the last few days.  Ok, well, it isn't really spring, but it sure does feel like it.  Upper 60s and 70s and not a cloud int he sky?  Seems like spring to me.  And with Phil being out of town, it seemed to be the perfect time to do some serious scrapping.

I realized how many page kits I had collected.   A few needed little more than photos.  And some needed a complete assembly.  But what could be easier than a kit?

Both of these are from the Wassail page kit available now from  I don't actually own the kit, but I did have the paper collection...and a few of the embellishments.  Must make do and all.  lol

And these lovelies have been sitting, completed, minus photos since August of last year.  They were from a scrapbook expo class I took with Layle Koncar.
What could be easier than that?

And these are from the Bittersweet kit at  Some photos of Ainsley at the Valentine's party the other day.
Again, I didn't have the kit, but I did have many of the items in the kit to play with.  

Goodness page kits make it quick and easy.  Wonder if I have anymore lying around?  hee hee

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